Monday, August 8, 2016

PPP 360 Solution

Disclaimer: photos are not edited to remove any scaring or redness 


I'm back to share a recent session I did at the PPP Laser Clinic at Raffles City. I was invited to try out the new PPP 360 Solution and I have never done laser on my face before. If you have been following my acne journey, you would realise that I have came a very long way of battling with acne and now with the scarring, and I have mentioned multiple times that I had the intention of doing laser on my face because I am through with trying out products. 

So I was of course very excited to try out the clinic's laser services! 

Upon reaching, I was registered and given a pre-laser cleansing wipe to clean my face off of make up and dirt. I did not have any make up on my face except for eyeliner because I knew I was going to remove it anyway. 

All wiped and fresh! 

The next step was consultation where I met with the doctor to discuss about the problems I was facing. I brought up:

1. Acne scars
2. Pores
3. Uneven skin tone - darker spots on the side of my face and dark eye circles

I believe the acne scars and dark eye circles were evident in the above photo!

The doctor told me that she will be doing a series of treatments for me that day which are: 

1. P+ Intensive Laser Treatment 
The first treatment done on my skin for a skin deep cleanse and rejuvenation to improve the overall clarity of the skin tone and is targeted for a balanced glow and consistence radiant. It was minimally discomforting but tolerable after the first few pulses. 

2. Fractional Laser 
The second treatment repairs underneath the skin to enhance tightness and elasticity. It also reduces pore size and lightens acne scars. For me, this had a stronger sensation than the first treatment, hence I requested for the intensity to be reduced. 

3. Collagen Remodelling
The Collagen Remodelling treatment is to stimulate new growth of collagen to improve elasticity of the skin and reduces the facial lines and wrinkles. During the process, I felt warmness from the machine as it was being circled around my face. 

4. Ion Infusion
This was a treat for me as after the laser treatments, my skin was feeling warm and prickly. It was a very calming and cooling treatment - my favourite out of the lot! Also, the laser treatments also creates micro-holes in the skin and the Ion Infusion with Hyaluronic Acid treatment deeply penetrates serum to boost the effects of the treatments and also hydrates the skin.

Got my hair net and goggles - not a flattering sight at all haha!

Once the treatments are completed, a generous amount of sunscreen was pumped into a cotton pad for me to apply on my face. It had a cooling sensation which was great because at that point, I felt that my face was 'trapping heat'. It was a bizarre sensation and that's how I can only describe it.

I was told that after the treatments, it would be normal to expect redness and then peeling would follow for the next few days. For me, the redness reduced and prickling sensation went away in slightly less than an hour and by then I was already up and about walking around in public.

What I immediately noticed was the tightness in my skin. I could see that my jawline became sharper and boy was I incredibly pleased with it! 

The nice ladies from the clinic


The entire session took about 30 minutes and it was very fuss-free-no-frills kinda experience. The treatment area was filled with beds and separated by a curtain. It was almost like a fast food joint of aesthetic clinics. The amenities were basic and the baggage area was under your bed so I would suggest you not bringing too many things with you because I did and I struggled with moving around. 

The following day after the treatment, the peeling has yet to begin and the make up application was still easy peasy. There was already a significant improvement in my skin's texture and it looks more radiant too! The redness was still there like a mild sunburn. My pores are also noticeably smaller and my deep acne scars look slightly 'alleviated'. At this point, I am very happy with my treatment!

Close up
Change in lighting because I changed my camera lens

The nice people at PPP Laser Clinic gave me a post-laser facial mask to try and the a pack of the cleansing wipes too. I have heard some positive reviews from my cousin who previously tried out the clinic's laser treatment that the mask is very popular. And that people who don't do their laser treatments also specifically came by to purchase the mask. It is however, priced at $16, which I find to be very pricey for a sheet mask.

The cleansing wipes were a treat for me. I use it after gymming and it's like wiping the dirt and grime off my face and seeing it on the wipe. Each sheet is infused thoroughly and is generous in size to make sure that you get every speck of dirt off your face.

Subsequently for the next few days, my skin got drier and drier as more skin peeled, like as if I was moulting. It got to a point where my make up application was getting challenging but I know it was peeling for a good reason! The terrible acne on my jawline also got significantly better, which I am very pleased with. Right before the week is up, my skin stopped peeling.

After monitoring my complexion for a week and a half, I realised that the deep scars look slightly better and the effect of a 'mild sunburn' has worn off. It has been communicated to me that I will have to go for treatments often enough for my problems to go away. So I believe that if I continue my journey with the clinic, one day I can achieve my dreams of having skin as smooth as a baby's butt! That has been a dream for almost half my life okay!

A big thank you to Joanna from AbsolutePR for the invitation and also to PPP Laser Clinic for making me feel like there's finally hope for my complexion!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Recent beauty hauls

Disclaimer: I brought all of the products by myself after recommendation by others and reading online reviews on Makeupalley, which is btw my new hobby haha! So none were sponsored and they're all honest reviews. Also cos of that, the photos are all grabbed off Google cos I've already finished or am halfway through the products and they no longer look photogenic for a shoot. 

Recently, I popped by the LUSH store and bought a shitload of things thanks to my classmate who is working there, she let me abuse her staff discount and I ended up buying lots of stuff and did my Christmas shopping there.

Previously, I've received a box of pre-wrapped Christmas box from my friend a few years ago. That started me on my very first LUSH products. Other than that, what I know about the brand is that it does not do animal testing and you can smell the shop even before you walk past it. The pre-wrapped gift is called Butterfly (they name their gift boxes!) and it includes a bar of soap called Sultana and a body conditioner called Ro's Argan.


It's like angel food for the skin. I love nutty and buttery scent. The moisture level of off the charts and unlike body moisturisers, it lasts for 2 days and I don't even need to apply anything afterwards.

Okay, so onto some of my hauls. Only gonna share the products that I brought for myself cos I've never used most of the other products I brought for my friends.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

I've always seen LUSH face masks being displayed in their shops in a metal bowl atop ice cubes. I always presumed that they were going to scoop some into those black tubs when customers purchase them but no lah, they already come pre-packed. But the masks always give me the 'homemade' kind of vibe, which is great cos au naturel right! 

The mask was recommended to me to help soothe redness and of course to moisturise. My classmate slapped some on my hand and I continued to shop while it sat there because the mask is meant to be left on for 5 - 10 mins. The consistency of the mask was similar to yogurt and there was a cooling sensation upon application. After washing it away, there was a HUGE difference from the other hand without this mask. It's significantly brighter and feels much smoother than before. 

After purchasing it home, I realised that the mask was of a different consistency. It was more clay-like and application was not as smooth. In fact, I would recommend that you apply the mask in the toilet because it will make some mess. But after some practice, I manage to keep them on without dropping everywhere. The mask dries up pretty fast so don't be walking around or else it will flake everywhere.  Sometimes when it's gets very dry, I mix it with some water so the consistency and application would be smoother. 

What I like about the mask is the duration that it should be left on. I dislike it when masks have to be left on for 20 - 30 mins cos I get very restless. After washing the mask off, I can really see my face brighten up. It dries my skin a little but I kind of like it because it gives me a 'squeaky clean' feeling and nothing that some moisturiser afterwards cannot save. 

It also has a very pleasant floral scent to it which I like very much! 

I purchased a small wooden spatula to get the product out because I don't like digging into tubs. And I store the tub in the fridge once I'm done with using it. It has to be refrigerated or else it might turn bad because after all there are perishable ingredients in the mask like blueberries. 

I was told that a tub would give about 8 - 10 application but I have well exceeded that even though I've slapped on generous amounts of the product every time I use. So now I'm down to the last 4 days before the mask expires and I'm using it everyday. The shelf life of the mask is about 3 - 4 weeks so just generously apply it! 

Overall, I really like the mask. Once I've gotten the hang of the application, it's actually very easy. It's a very therapeutic experience overtime I apply it on because it's cold. It's about $28 for a tub, pretty pricey but if you work it out to 10 applications, it's only$2.80 per application and that's decent! 

New Shampoo Bar

The reason I purchased this was because it came recommended by my classmate. I actually have tons of shampoo at home cos my mom keeps stocking it up for me from JB! 

It's a solid shampoo (like soap bar) and it foams like crazy after like 3 - 4 rubs on your scalps. New is supposed to help you get new hair by helping with hair loss and stimulates hair growth. 

I'm not too sure about the hair loss part because I still experience hair fall when I use this. It can be pretty drying for the scalp so I don't use it daily. There was a period I used it daily and it made my scalp itch cos it was so dry. But now that I switch back and forth with my other shampoos, my scalp is back to normal. Previously it was oily and the shampoo bar sort of balanced it out. 

Actually, I do see growth in my hair length because I have been monitoring the length of my black roots. It grew at a tremendous speed and made my hair more volumised both at the top and the bottom of my head. 

I'm not too crazy about the scent. It's an acquired scent. Smells like spicy cinnamon and herbs and a little like medicated oil. But I'm willing to get past the scent for the effect. I guess now I've more or less gotten used to it already and I might even be starting to like it. 

It's at $23 a bar and it can last for 80 - 100 washes. Storage of the shampoo bar is a little of a hassle. You just have to make sure that it is dried after you wash your hair with it and store it in a dry and cool place. Preferable away from the toilet. I store it in my room and sometimes I come home to a room smelling like the shampoo bar. 
Popcorn Lip Scrub

I needed some lip product to save my dry lips which are sometimes chapped so I decided to try out a lip scrub. To be honest, popcorn wasn't my ideal flavour. I actually wanted to get the Mint Julips flavour. But my classmate told me that this was more moisturising, so I went for this instead. 

LUSH's lip scrubs are pretty interesting because you can actually eat them. If you see the ingredients list, the entire thing is basically edible: 

The scent is too overwhelmingly sweet for my liking. But it does what it's supposed to do and my lips do feel moisturised afterwards. I do this before applying my lipstick because it's really hideous to have chapped lips especially under matte lipstick.  However, I'd suggest that the scrub be done in the toilet because it will fall everywhere and you definitely do not want ants going to your room with the main ingredient being sugar. 

It's $23 for a jar which is not exactly economical since you can create a similar lip scrub from ingredients in your kitchen and it will probably work the same too. 


My cousin introduced to me this Taiwanese skincare brand called NARUKO. It was previously unavailable in Singapore and she had to purchase it online. I think Watsons and Guardian carry it now but not the full range. If you wanna check the full range out you can head over to their website to take a look!

Marjoram & Lavender Brightening Peeling Gel EX

When my cousin let me try some for the firs time, I was a little skeptical because I was afraid that the peeling functions of the product might be too harsh on my sensitive + eczema prone skin (btw the worse combination ever FML). After applying the product onto my face and massaging it in circular motions, I started to see some white debris forming and I was told that those were my dead skin. It's really gross but weirdly satisfying at the same time to see them come off. After rinsing off, I looked into the mirror to check if there was going to be any difference and lo and behold there was! My dark eye circles looked so much more prominent, which means my skin did get brighter.

I have very chronic dark eye circles so I use them as a gauge lol. Please don't laugh at me.

So one day, I decided to get myself a tube because I've heard my beauticians all say if you don't exfoliate/remove the dead skin, how will your products be absorbed? In all honesty, I didn't believe in it till recently, I purchased some body scrub and it really made a huge difference. It's like prepping your skin to take in the nutrients.

I have to say that this is the most gentle peeling/exfoliating product I've ever used. Seeing that my skin didn't dry out too much, I could still scrunch my face without feeling the tug, I'm pleasantly surprised!

What I normally do after using the product is either slapping on a mask or use the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask to replenish the moisture lost. And afterwards my skin is super happy!

Another major plus point: it's only $17.90 which makes it a really affordable and worthy purchase! If you have troubled skin, you can try out their tea tree series which also has the peeling gel. But the SA said it's not recommended for sensitive skin that's why I didn't get that. I guess with tea tree it would be harsher and drier?


Okay, I guess that was quite a comprehensive guide to the above products. Will share more again when I go on another beauty product shopping spree!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Save My Bag Flagship Store SG

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the opening of the very first flagship Save My Bag store in Singapore. I did a little online research to look at the selection of bags and I already had what I liked in mind hehe. Now I'm super excited to share this with you and in fact this is probably one of the brands that I'm most excited about after getting to know more about it! 

From the people who brought in the funky clothing line, audaash, Melody and Christine first laid eyes on Save My Bag at a trade show and Christine said that Melody could not stop looking at the bags even though she has already walked past them. Who could blame her! The bags are really eye-catching! You'll see in a bit. 

Spotted at the event was Chen Ning from YES 933 FM!  

When I first stepped into the store, I was attracted by the myriad of colours displayed on the wall. I gravitated towards the more unique bags like the Icon bag in cartoon. And then I picked it up...

Damn was it light! 

Actually the cartoon Icon bag was what left the deepest impression in my mind when I first saw it on SMB's website. I am not a big fan of colours when it comes to my clothes, with black dominating my entire wardrobe (as you can see from what I wore that day). I think that with a bag like this, it's gonna add a nice splash of colour to my outfit. 

Also, behind the SMB is a very interesting story. And I am a sucker for stories behind brands so here goes. How SMB was created was actually unintentional. It's founder, Valentina Agazz, and her husband made bags similar to these as door gifts for their female guests who attended an event of theirs. As their guests were leaving their house, it started to rain and Valentina saw them stuff their Birkins and other expensive bags into what she gave them and there came the idea of having a waterproof bag.

When I first touched one of them, I wasn't expecting a texture like what I felt. It looks like leather cos that's what most bags that look like that would feel. The material felt almost fabric-like and the nearest explanation would be neoprene but thicker. What was used is actually poly-fabric with LYCRA fibre which makes the bag waterproof and super light. Despite of that, it can actually hold up to 15kg.

Just a fun fact: the SMB Icon bag is lighter than a 330ml bottle of Evian.

All SMB bags are crafted in Italy and they are meant to be covers for bags, that's why they are designed to look like this. What I really loved about this bag is that it can be washed! Hand-washed with cold water to prevent the bag from losing its shape.

Here's another one of the colours that I like - Kaki 

Besides the Icon bag which comes in 2 other sizes as well, SMB also has pouches, clutches that can double up as a cute sling bag and the MINI ICON (pictured last) which is damn cute! The staffs were carrying them and they look like the most adorable bag in the world! I wish I had taken a photo of them carrying it!

Another fun fact: Oprah Winfrey was one of SMB's first customers!

SMB also made some bag charms that you can use to customise their bags with. Makes a great thoughtful and personalised gift! In fact, I actually went back the next day to buy an Icon bag in Vigneto as a gift.

And whist choosing the gift, I ended up carrying a couple of the Icon bags in other colours and got tempted to buy one more for myself :p I think I might return again soon to get a bigger one so I can lug my school materials around!

The nice people at SMB also gave me an Icon bag! The name of this colour is Thai and it's one of their bestsellers! I see so many instances when I can put the bag to good use. Obviously I don't have a Birkin or any expensive bags to protect but I've been carrying this bag around, it has became my go-to bag since the day I got it. I throw all my barangs inside and it has encouraged me to bring a water bottle around because now that the bag is so light, I can carry the bottle around without my arms breaking.

If I sound overly excited in this post, it's because in my honest honest opinion, I really love this bag lah! And also the story of how it came about. When I brought it out, many people instantly said that the bag is very nice. Although pink is not my colour but as I said, it really does add a splash of colour to my outfit.

And if you're interested to get the Icon bag, it's retailing at SGD 159! Their flagship store is located at:

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road

Congratulations on the flagship store's opening in Singapore! And a big thank you for making me part of the opening! 


Monday, December 7, 2015

Review: Silkpro VITAIR SERIES

Came home one day to be greeted with a mysterious box on my table and to my pleasant surprise, it was a splash of colours inside featuring 4 bottles of the new shampoo and 1 more of the daily treatment masque from the Silkpro VITAIR SERIES! 

Firstly, can I say, let's take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging?!?!?!? 

This series is sulfate and silicone-free, which helps to protect hair colour (if you have dyed hair), is gentle on the scalp and is also deeply moisturising. Also, being silicone-free will improve your hair volume, prevent your hair from weighing down, provides healthier shine and smoothens hair texture. Most importantly, this series of hair product is vegan! Which means no animal ingredients are used! 

I've put the shampoos to the test and I wanna share with you guys what I have discovered. 

Current hair condition: 
  • Bleached multiple times in short periods 
  • Gets oily around mid-day and faster when I am stepping in and out from air conditioned places and outside 
  • No volume (has been like this all my life because I have naturally straight and flat hair) 

Smell-wise is sitting between a floral and chemical smell but nonetheless still pleasant. Because the shampoo is sulfate-free, it doesn't lather and it kinda feels like I don't have enough shampoo in my hair so I ended up squeezing twice. Afterwards, I realised the top of my head is still kinda oily so I squeezed once more to wash again. While washing, I realised that it is not as moisturising as my current shampoo. Applied the Daily Treatment Masque (red bottle) and let it sit in my hair for about 30 mins. The recommended time was 3 mins on the ends and rinse as a daily routine, or a 20 mins on a weekly basis. I let it sit longer because I normally leave my conditioner and hair mask longer in my hair for maximum results and also because I tend to forget that I have something in my hair haha. 

The Verdict
I really like the fact that they are vegan. I have heard from my stylist at Toni & Guy previously to use sulfate-free shampoo if I want to preserve my hair colour for a longer time. However, we might all be used to shampoo that lather and think that if it lather means it's doing a better job, but I guess that's because there's sulfate in your shampoo. You might need some time to get used to the much lesser lather in the shampoos. However, I feel that the shampoos might be a little too 'dry' for my liking. Some of you might like it because it will give you the 'squeaky clean' feeling but my hair is quite dry and brittle so I think this might not work as well for me. 

And also, please give the Daily Treatment Masque a try! I feel that it is really moisturising, and after I use that as a 30 mins hair mask (I am not too sure if you're supposed to do that though), I find that I do not need to put on any product that I normally do before I dry my hair after washing becau se it is quite rich. 

250ml / 650ml ($6.90 / $16.90)

Daily Treatment Masque:
200ml ($7.90)

If you want to find out more about the VITAIR SERIES, head on to Silkpro's website to check it out. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Nuffnang Blog Conference x Thinkcation at Hotel Jen Tanglin

On a Saturday morning, I woke at at 7.30am and made my way to Hotel Jen Tanglin for very first Nuffnang Blog Conference!

There was a very interesting lineup of speakers and debatable topics being highlighted during the conference. And we were spoilt with the delicious food prepared for us just right outside the conference room - from a spread of fusion breakfast food (laksa air??!!) to free flow dessert to perk-me-up coffee and hot chocolate that made me feel fuzzy on the inside.

And also, sitting on my chair when I entered the conference room was a big bag from Bath & Body Works! A peek inside revealed...

Christmas-scented goodies!

After half a day in the conference room, we were brought upstairs to the pool to have a mini competition to win ourselves a set of the Dell XPS 13 by doing what we bloggers do best - take a photo and post on Instagram with the relevant hashtags. There were 4 sets of laptops to be won but unfortunately I didn't get to snatch a set :(

But it's okay 'cos everyone's a winner! We are all getting a staycation night at Hotel Jen Tanglin! This was when we were given each a key card to our rooms. And afterwards, I had a really relaxing night resting at the room (especially on the mega comfy king-sized bed) and a great breakfast the next morning!

Sooooooo... I have made a short video of my weekend at the Nuffnang Blog Conference and Hotel Jen Tanglin. Please do not make fun of my video because this is my very first attempt at making a video like this :p

Hotel Jen Tanglin
Bath & Body Works

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review: newbornLASH

Sparse and short

Confession time: I have this weird habit of plucking my eyelashes because I feel that they're always poking into my eye, so whenever it gets pricked, I will tug at my eyelashes mercilessly in an attempt to get it out of my eye. 

Growing up, I only envied people with long and luscious lashes. I used to hear some of my friends go "my mascara is a must have. I can don't apply any make up but I must apply mascara", and I cannot relate to it because mascara or not, it wouldn't make any difference. I also remember looking at the models on mascara ads and Kim Kardashian, staring at their lashes and accepting the fact that I would never have lashes like that. 

I used to religiously stick falsies on but I grew tired of it because frankly speaking it was quite time consuming and also because on days when I get lazy, people who see my frequently can really tell the difference. But my habit of sticking falsies everyday last time gave me quite prominent parallel lids so that was a good takeaway! 


The good people at AbsolutePR and BeauLAB SEA decided to send me an eyelash serum.

In all honesty, I've tried a couple of eyelash serum and never had the patience to wait out till I saw any effect. So I thought this time round it would be a good opportunity to try this product out seriously and jot down my thoughts. 

And no regrets!!! My short-lashed friends, there is hope for us after all! 

newborn LASH is a serum that you can apply on both your eyelashes and eyebrows. It promises to see visible results in 3 weeks. Here's some information I received about the serum: 
  • Results are proven after 3 weeks for usage on eyelashes and 8 weeks for usage on eyebrows. Experience longer and thicker lashes and fuller brows. 
  • Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested.
  • Safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

Disclaimer: I honestly did not apply it everyday as instructed, just at least thrice a week. 

So if you follow the instructions to apply it once a day at night for 3 weeks, you might start to see better results than mine. But most importantly, it claimed to see results in 3 weeks and results there were! I am impressed!

The application
Just once a day, preferably at night and also after your cleanse your face and before you put any products on. The brush is very soft and malleable, so you definitely won't feel like it's poking you in your eyes, especially since you're going to be applying it just on top of your lashes like you're applying your mascara, you want to go as close to the lashes as possible. The serum has no smell which is a good sign because you do not want too many chemicals on your eyes.

The difference
Previously, my eyelashes were sparse and made worse from my itchy fingers plucking them. Now I see those empty pockets growing some lashes and the existing ones growing longer and curlier. The most obvious difference I noticed was towards the insides of my eyes, where there used to be no eyelashes at all, now has beautiful eyelashes growing out. Generally, my eyelashes are thicker and more noticeable even without mascara. 

Also, I do have sensitive eyes. I have eczema on my eyelids that I have been seeing a dermatologist for years and I apply topical gel on the affected area, causing the skin to thin because of the steroids in the gel. Sometimes, certain eye product like eye cream, eyeliner, concealer don't work for me because it cause my eczema to relapse. So I am very discerning when it comes to applying things on my eyes. For not causing my eczema to relapse after so many applications, I am sold!

  • Works as claimed - most important! 
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes 
  • Easy to apply

  • Cannot apply to both eyelash and eyebrows due to hygiene reasons (hygiene over anything else, making this point barely a con, but I don't really have much bad things to say!) 
  • Priced at $238, unless you're really looking for a product that works and are tired of trying other methods, I'd say go for the product! 

Your eyes are windows to your soul and having luscious lashes do help to open them up! If you'd like to treat your lashes to some growth, you can contact BeauLAB SEA, which exclusively produces newbornLASH at +65 6316 3168

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Lover's Got Humour

Headed down to the Trick Eye Museum for the very first time on Halloween! Had to make sure my camera was charged fully before going out because there's gonna be a lot of photo op! I've seen many people post photos of their trip there, even my mom has already been there. I am really a laggard! 

So... Make a guess who I am dressed as! 

I was the We Can Do It girl! I was wrecking my brain thinking of who to go as because I wanted to go as Tomb Raider for the next Halloween event I went for (last being in 2012 where I went as the Black Swan) but unfortunately my hair was too short :( My next choice was Ada Wong from Resident Evil because we have similar hairstyle now haha. But I was coming from work, so I had to choose an easier character. Quite cute right this one! 

Anways, I arrived at the museum quite late because of a parking situation and because I am damn blur, I missed the U-turn from VivoCity. When I arrived, I was told that there was a Best Photo Contest so with just less than an hour, I was flying through the exhibits to take photos! And to be honest, it was more fun than I thought it would be and I enjoyed myself throughly!

First photo of the night where I was laughing mid-photo haha

Brought someone along who also had a lot of fun himself!

So creepy the entire night scaring people!

The Scream x2

Beyond this section, we walked into a section (which I forgot the name) with a macabre theme which we both liked very much.

And there were a couple of exhibits I believe that we did not photograph right but turned out okay! There will be guides to tell you where to position yourself to take the photo but obviously here are two people who did not follow instructions. 

And the surprise of the day was that I won 2nd best dress! With a $100 note inside the envelope hehe. 

The Trick Eye Museum is revamped with new stuff added so go check it out if you haven't!